Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Day Greenblatt's Deli Went Dark

Greenblatt's Deli, a usual cluster of matzo ball aficionados and favorite for pastrami fans, was surprisingly empty last Wednesday night. After they just spent money re-modeling the facade ... 'why' you may ask ... well, because the biggest thing to hit the Laugh Factory since Bob Saget had arrived ... Yom Kippur services. Yes, you heard it .. services not at your local satchel-toting temple, but at the world famous "Laugh Factory" on the Sunset Strip. We had to go. We just had to.

Picture it. From the outside, the neon sign reading "Jon Lovitz" now replaced with "High Holiday Services." The corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset, infamous for the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth," now a clash of virgin Mega store teens trying to fight past the cluster of hungry Jews. The stage, somewhere between an homage to the old orchestral shell of the Hollywood Bowl and the entrance to the Ponchik Factory, now riddled with a rabbi, a cantor, and an Ikea-inspired bookcase for the Torah. The prayers ... all written in Comic Sans.

We at first had wanted to believe that the off-key cantor was part of the fun, but we soon realized that even the mysterious knock at the door wasn't a Keystone Cops-type gag, but a serious onlooker. There were a few older gents jumping out of their barstools with Hebrew jeers, and some cell phone disruptions. But all in all, I'd say it was a fantbulous way to ring in the new year. Even if we had to walk past the savory smells of the Gaucho Grill, CPK, and the eerily-dark Greenblatt's Deli (who wouldn't -dare- serve even the most unruly of Hollywood's Jews on the eve of atonement for fear of the blacklist).


Kim said...

How was it that i ended up running into you after services. totally random.

Steph Buxbaum said...

Ah-- The Yom Kippur service Courtney, Erin, Jonathan and I attended at the Laugh Factory-- the pictures of which you see as a result of my snapping them with my cell phone as Courtney dug her elbow into me and begged me to snap a few for her blog. (It was probably totally sinful to snap esp in the middle of the Mourner's Kaddish, but what can you do? As a reality TV producer, you do ANYTHING to get the perfect shot...so I did what I had to do in the service of your reading and visual pleasure. There are actually even more pix of the cantor and some Hippie guy playing guitar if anyone wwants them.)

Alas. I can only dream of a night with stand-up integrated into the service-- like Stand Up Traffic School! I still think we should produce our OWN service next year at the Comedy Store and set up some competition.
Yom Tov, Steph

ninja rad said...

i dig steph's idea about producing yrr own service. as the shiksa, i'll help out in any way i can. *bonk*

Elizabeth said...

I wish I were a full Jew. This is funny just being a Catholic. I can't imagine what life would be like to be one of the chosen.