Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The day after Jen Buchwald's Fantastic Four Star Wedding, I woke up at an alarming 11:00am, lounged around my apartment in my favorite "Teet Pullers" t-shirt, read a few magazines, then watched Klute with Jason (I was going through a Jane Fonda fetish that week that began with Barbarella).

Before Jason came over that night (of course in disbelief at drama part II that had ensued), I realized that I had to get it -somewhat- together for the guy that was coming over to buy my space heater. So I changed out of my sweats and t-shirt, put on some jeans, and opened the door to the nicest Craigslister to come my way in awhile. His name was Jeff, he squatted the entire time while inspecting the heater ... and randomly, this was our conversation:

Jeff: I really enjoyed your blog ... the link was in your email.
CM: Oh thanks, how funny.
Jeff: I've been trying to learn more about blogs.
CM: Me too. I actually just started mine about a week ago.
Jeff: Impressive. It looks good.
CM: Thanks, I'll tell the others.
Jeff: This may sound random, but I own a company called "Munkeygirl" that makes retro tampon cases, and we're looking for writers. Would you by any chance be interested in writing a story about tampons?
CM: (laughs) What a coincidence. I just started writing one this morning.

Alas, the second coming of Uncle Murphy in my crazy weekend. It was topped off by the tampon messiah visiting my apartment to buy my space heater. I'd say God has a plan in mind with this one.

These kick Vinnie's to the curb, trust me. They remind me of the Acme laptop cases ... and are just fabulous:

  • Munkeygirl

  • (now I just need to convince them to name one after Jen Buchwald)

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    Freddy Funk said...

    And for the gays (and women alike) - these double as fashionable Dildo carrying cases...Just in time for Christmas...