Sunday, November 13, 2005

Putting the Sans in Comic Sans

Possibly one of the worst things to come from Microsoft, except for maybe the creation of Windows in general, is the font Comic Sans. I often like to identify people by their fonts, or decide when meeting someone their font preference. Am I crazy, or can you tell almost everything about someone by their typeface?

You know, there's the Times New Roman types, which are basically the people that are too lazy to change the default. Courier are either wannabee writers or college kids who are still playing with fonts versus resizing margins, Copperplate are usually just loud people that like seeing their words in CAPS, and then .... there's Comic Sans. (I personally am a Helvetica girl, sometimes arial or verdana, and frutiger for publishing).

Name one thing you could receive in that font that would not give you hives? I cannot think of one proper use except for the creation of the above bumpersticker. Not only is it inappropriate for baby showers or things that should look like they were written by a two year old learning how to use Mr. Sketch pens, but anyone educated enough to be using email should know better. I mean, it shouldn't even be an option.

Thankfully, there are some good Samaritans who have taken it upon themselves to spread the good word. I *highly* recommend:


So, what font are you??

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ninja rad said...

i love discovering buttons to push :)