Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Homoeroticism of Spandex

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Los Angeles ... and the biggest thing to hit Southern California since the blackout was about to begin: The USC v. UCLA Football game. There was all that reporter brouhaha about the importance of the national title, and the Heisman Trophy, yadda yadda. But 90,000 people dressed in varying shades of red and blue were packed into the coliseum for one reason, and for one reason only .... sex.

The tension of who would win, coupled with the clear day and the light breeze .... I'm sure it all had an effect. But from the confused band girl, to the matching spooners, to the conversation tees, I think it was clear that spandex was on the mind.

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Stephanie Gugliemo said...

Further proof that homo-eroticism among heteros is only acceptable when it is in the context of sports.