Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Afternoon ...

It's lovely out. I thought .... what better way to spend the afternoon than to look up registered sex offenders (all 1065 of them) in my neighborhood. Check it out:

  • Family Watchdog

  • So glad to know that gents like this live around the corner:


    Stephanie Gugliemo said...

    Amazing! I don't mean to stereotype, or anything, but what is the deal with the moustache? Is it a prerequisite? Nearly every time I see a photo of a sex offender, they have a 'stache. As a society, we could ultimately find our selves regressing to the Hawthorne-era, and treat moustaches as a scarlet letter. Geraldo Rivera, and people from NASCAR need to start watching their backs.

    captain court said...

    Agreed. I think keeping profiles on all persons with a moustache would be a lucrative use of our tax dollars.