Monday, March 27, 2006

Echo Park c.1982

From the Brian Falls files ...

Takes me back to 7th Grade when Zuma, head of the latina posse at Kastner Intermediate School, decided that I had a date with her skeleton ring. The same ring that donned spikes long enough to poke an eye out and had once grazed the face of this girl Xol, who had since resorted to wearing baseball caps to hide the damage. She spread a rumor with the specific date and time for the anticipated altercation, and even blanketed the school with fake posters ... advertising me for Student Body president, of which I was not running. Some sorta chola sabotage strategy, I guess. I had decided that my defense would be to curl up and get it over with. Thankfully, Zuma didn't show up in the quad at break that day ... as her PR campaign had promised. And my hair stayed in-tact for the rest of junior high, crimped and down to the seat of my Z Cavariccis.


Anonymous said...

It's your destiny to write this sh*t. "Xol"?! Makes me wish I was on the couch, enjoying this rainy day, watching "Thirteen" again instead of being at work! - Dave H.

Anonymous said...

I actually miss the bangs. The bangs were almost an artform that had to be carefully constructed with the proper amounts of Aquanet and teasing.
--Julie M.