Tuesday, May 09, 2006

AOL Does it Again!

The AP recently gave us this insightful artical about sex hormones in lesbian brains: "Study Suggests Difference in Lesbians' Brains." Unfortunately, AOL had to post the article, then follow it up with the oh-so-telling "Post Thoughts" section, where they allow the general public to "vote" on the issues at hand. The questions of the day (posted, mind you, at the beginning of the article - ensuring that people would vote before actually reading anything of substance on the issue) were: 1. Do the results of this study surprise you? (yes or no) 2. Do you think biological factors contribute to homosexuality? (yes/no or not sure!) The results are in, folks: 89% of the general public were not surprised by the study's results! Furthermore, 75% do think that biological factors contribute, while 17% are certain they do not, and 8% of people are willing to admit that they just aren't sure! Next story on the list? "David Blaine Pulled Alive From Aquarium" - thank God.

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captain court said...

good news! so, the next time someone asks why I think it is a good idea to yell at people over the PA system in my jeep .. I'll just say, "my brain is different. AOL says so."