Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fresno's Finest

In a town where the city hall is shaped like Darth Vader's helmet, where Bubba from "In the Heat of the Night" currently serves as mayor, where national status has been awarded in the categories of car theft and teen pregnancy, and where Anne Heche once showed up in a dirty bra, I thought my hometown of Fresno, California might have received proper international status with the spawning of Susan Montgomery Williams who broke the world record for blowing the largest bubblegum bubble at 23 inches.

1986 miniseries starring Carol Burnett and the birthplace of Cher aside, I think "the 'no" has finally been moved from a small dot on the map to a square by international superstar Kevin Federline. Wish I would've taken some better lessons from him when we were in high school; apparently, dropping out was the way to go versus all of those damn AP classes. From cornrow mullet to superbowl superstardom, the backup dancer turned entrepreneur is now taking on google: Search With Kevin

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ninja rad said...

i'm just sad kfed's l.a. bday bash got cancelled *sigh* at least the vegas one is still on. you'd think he'd go home and celebrate in the 'no...eh? also, ralph on kevin and bean was talking about search w/kfed this morning - i felt so in the know.