Friday, January 25, 2008

Fish for dinner

In an effort to write every day at sea, I will simply say that I chose
the fish over the lamb casserole for dinner, lost my journal and keys
on two separate occasions, spent 20 minutes trying to fix this PC
laptop to no avail, made the mistake of asking "why" when a mental
health professional professed to me that they love to complain, and
finally figured out the mysterious source of the clanging in my new
cabin -- the damn ladder I don't need. I must cajole my new cabin
stewardess into striking the excess props, even though her
introduction was a handwritten note that simply said "I'm sorry, it is
forbidden." I believe she was referring to my lighting gels that she
RIPPED down. Oh well, next stop ... make friends with the Bulgarian,
and say goodbye to thirty.

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