Monday, February 11, 2008

Personality Test

... not the kind that involve e-meters. We have these events every night on the ship from 2000 - 2100 called "community college" where members of the community can give lectures -- on just about anything. Over the past month I have seen them range from parasites in your animals, to marrying cousins, to rare coin collecting. Tonight, I went to one on the Myers-Briggs system. I've actually been curious about it for awhile. According to the Jung test, I am type ENFJ, for those who are curious. I found this site for online testing. I am also more right brain than left, surprise surprise!

I woke up to see the sun rise over the atlantic this morning, and did a full hour of kundalini and sun salutations on deck 7 aft, thus I was disappointed to be surrounded by so many crabby people. I don't know why everyone else can't be in a good mood when I am, but I guess it makes up for my disgruntled times. The students are going crazy with preparations for their global studies exam, and the faculty have been reacting to a complaint letter that was circulated regarding the global studies class and how it has been insulting their intelligence. Oy vey. I'm not in the mood for drama, so I decided to finish my paint by number.

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