Friday, March 21, 2008

Malaysian Mall

I just came back from this massive mall in Penang. It was literally
six stories tall and probably has more than one zip code. I was
supposed to meet my little Malaysian sister there from the homestay I
just came back from (more on that soon), but I realized quickly that
thousands of muslim women wearing head scarfs can be difficult to pick
out in a crowd. I couldn't find her anywhere, so I decided to roam the
floors, taking notice of the shift in retail etiquette I experienced.
As soon as you enter a store, the clerk follows you around -- and I
mean every move. I don't usually feel at all uncomfortable when my
personal space is invaded in other cultures -- I'm usually quite
willing to go with the flow. But I have to say that it made me want to
exit each store rather quickly, and not even try anything on.

I did have one guy give me an interesting half hour explanation of
this stone necklace I purchased last month in Brasil. Apparently, some
of the stones have eyes, and when they turn black -- you have good
luck. I currently have 4 black eyes. According to the Malaysians, this
is a good sign. Off to Langkawi ...

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