Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can You Say Burrrrito?

Aloha! After salivating at the lips for four months and having
countless in-depth conversations with Jocilyn about burritos, I am
overjoyed to have finally bitten into a mass of beans, cheese and rice
this afternoon in Oahu. Surfing, hiking, Pearl Harbor, pfff. It was my
one and only agenda item, and boy was it accomplished at Cholo's
Mexican Bar and Grill on the North Shore. Guacamole included.

I spent a lovely day with Anne traveling through the Wahiawa valley
where she lived in the early 80s, stopping at her old bakery, shaved
ice stand, etc. Then we took a brilliant dip in the Waiema Bay. I
know lying on the beach and eating a burrito might sound kinda trite
in comparison to some of the things I have been writing about lately,
but let me put this in context. I've gone four months without mexican
food (well, i had a pseudo dish in japan, i'll get to that soon), so
something as simple as a half-assed refried bean burrito from a
restaurant that also sells wooden lizards was almost as great as
having a chance to lay down and relax in the sun. I know it *seems*
like when you're floating around the world on the ship you would most
likely spend an ample amount of time outside, by the water, soaking up
the rays. But it's not always the case. I spend a lot of time in an AV
Booth and running around the ship. And lately, the ship has been going
through this weird sleepwalkers trance that I had heard of in regards
to the spring semester, but i had to live it to believe it.

I'm lucky for the good fortune of never getting seasick and never
really being affected by jet lag in my travels -- but this whole she-
bang is something to be reckoned with it. When you circumnavigate the
globe, needless to say, you go through a complete vortex of time. We
lived two April 15ths, which I think I already mentioned, but we've
also been consistently losing an hour a day for awhile now. Thus,
night slowly becomes day, day becomes night, almost like shooting a
Jerry Bruckheimer film in downtown LA, though a little less fucked.
Needless to say, I haven't been able to sleep at night, and i want to
do nothing but stay in my coma all day. Sounds pathetic until you
realize that's what all 1000 of us are going through at the same exact
time, so it's created this nocturnal environment of faux crackheads. I
admit, I've taken to the Tylenol PMs over the past few days, but I'm
still not adjusted. I woke up with drool coming out of my mouth the
other morning at 10:00 am, which inherently meant that I missed global
studies for the first time in my semester at sea history. It was so
bad, I even woke up thinking that I was in my room in West Hollywood.
This wasn't as bad, however, as last week when I took my malaria pill
without eating and (literally) foamed at the mouth.

So with that pretty thought, before I pop my dolls for the night, I'll
just say that I truly am planning to use these next 10 days at sea to
catch up. I have lots of ramen to get me through it, after having had
to purchase two cartons of it at an Asian supermarket today just to
use the bathroom!! Oh, and I had a lovely dinner with some of my
daughter's at Duke's in Waikiki, where they afterwards tried to rescue
a drunk girl in a plushy white sarong, who was so inebriated her
breasts were fully exposed. She and her boyfriend tried to ransack a
cab before falling on the curb. I think it's a testament to my
parenting skills.

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