Saturday, April 05, 2008

En Route to Shanghai ...

There are less than a hundred of us on the ship right now, and I'm loving it! Almost everyone is traveling in Beijing and meeting back up with us in Shanghai. I have Classroom #1 all to myself. It's foggy outside, which is a nice change from the constant sunshine. I'm catching up on this blog, cleaning up my computer, watching pirated episodes of the L Word, and still smiling from the fact that I got to take a bath last night. 

The oceans and seas of the world, believe it or not, do vary significantly. Not even in terms of just calmness, but also in look and color. Some are bright, cobalt blue, others are more green. This part of the East China Sea, however, is a blackish green, and is surprisingly full of trash. We might even be in the Formosa Straight still, I'm not sure, but I can't figure out where all of this floating waste came from? There are also random buoys in the middle of nowhere, which I always find fascinating. I used to think it was so unjustifiable to look out and half-think that I could be seeing a dead body, until Sue Fan told me this morning that she saw one on her last semester. Also somewhere around China. What are those people doing? My god, I'm scared.

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Rachael said...

You know, I've never been angry with an entire country (besides our own, of course) but I really don't like China...I hate to think about what they're doing to our world and how little they seem to care about how much their choices are affecting the world at large....grrrrrrr!