Monday, May 26, 2008

On Break in Chicagoland ...

What better way to celebrate the red, white and blue than to fly back into the land o' the free on Memorial Day. I started off the morning with some Dunkin Donuts coffee -- which I haven't had since Britta and I had our soft rock shenanigans in a Ft. Lauderdale store back in january. I was then blessed with an earlier flight on AMERICAN Airlines (wtf with new baggage rule), picked up some Kashi and soy milk at a massive grocery store, then had a lovely BBQ on Sarah's porch that included organic burgers, avocado, hummus, sweet potatoes, and edamame. There's wireless in the house and TVs filling every orifice. I can catch up on LOST, watch that HBO film "Recount" that I read about in a New Yorker on the way here, fix my itunes library for the thousandth time, and finally catch up on this thing, once and for all. And if that's not good enough for a week of vegging out ... I've got a kitty to sleep on my head and rummage through my suitcase. 

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Dan said...

hey gurrll
check your e-mail you have my info
d2 in Chicago