Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gray Skies ...

Summer has been off to a rather great start if I can say so myself. Global studies is not only back to resembling an actual class -- it is quite good! And for the first time, we're holding it in two different class sessions, which so far seems to be working very well, and consequently means that we don't have to deal with broadcasting to satellite classrooms anymore.

The skies are rather gray and the air is brisk, which I have come to enjoy as we head up into the high seas. I fall asleep each night to the drone of our foghorn, and wake up with the muted sunshine. Again, a massive upgrade from my dungeon days in the grotto. There are a lot of motion sickness victims as you can see from the barf bags lining the halls. I haven't had the heart to tell any of them that it will get much worse if we actually hit a storm. Dozens of passengers are still missing their luggage that didn't make it to Halifax on time, so I'm playing nice for the time being.

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