Friday, August 29, 2008


My friend Liz claimed it fashionista status, but I felt more like a Vietnamese vagabond getting off of the plane at LAX. I managed to get my two bags down to 50 lbs each by wearing as many layers as humanly possible -- thrusting them on and off of the scale until the woman finally gave me unenthusiastic clearance at 50.6 lbs. Just a little over, but still not bad for having been gone for so long in my humble opinion. This is the first time I have flown since the baggage crisis began, so I tried to pack according to my friend Virginia's suggestion of learning the "bundle method,"and though I had to pay fifty damn dollars to check a second bag, I feel pretty good knowing that my flight from Richmond, VA to LAX was somehow only $130.

I was surprised last night by a gaggle of friends and Elton John's Mexican doppelganger. I could not have planned a better re-entry myself -- good friends, big smiles, and even bigger vats of guacamole and refried beans. I love my amigos!

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