Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rocking + Rolling

If I were one of those unlucky folks who had a predisposition to seasickness, I might be a little scared at the sight of waves crashing onto Deck 7 forward ... but thankfully, along with my extra thumb, I made out well in that department. We've been traveling eastward bound but south en route to Japan, but as we're supposed to be there in two days, the captain had to turn the wheel today, for to get there we have no other choice but to head north. Straight into the eye of the storm we've been avoiding. There's just no other way.

As the ship breaks through the waves, taking them head-on like a bull, we fly up and down, oftentimes crashing straight into them. This makes you feel like you are on a giant speed boat in an even more giant wake. I don't mind the rolly-polly action either, where we rock from side to side with the swells, but there's something about the excitement of the rumble, I must admit. The wine glasses shake back and forth, creating an almost percussive backdrop to the near sonic boom of 25,000 tons dropping 25 feet. Looking out the window, you see the ocean suddenly suddenly fill the frame, followed by all sky, then BAM! Your stomach jumps up and down along with everything on your table, and if you're extra lucky like me, your might even fall out of your chair. Good thing my coffee had a lid on it.

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