Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I love San Francisco

This just happened about 5 minutes ago while I was on the phone with SAS.


The doorbell rings. I open the door to find a 60-something man dressed in a light blue suit with a tweed cap.

MAN: "I'm here to have lunch with Mr. Wilkerson."

ME: "I'm sorry. He doesn't live here, this is the Owens-Ganatas residence."

MAN: "He lives at 2333."

ME: "This is 2333. But unfortunately, he doesn't live here. And neither do I. I'm just a house guest. Maybe try next door?"

MAN: "I need your yellow pages."

ME: "If you want to come in we can try to look him up on my computer. I don't think my friends that live here have the yellow pages. And if they do, I have no idea where they'd be."

MAN: "I'm going to be late for lunch. (snarky) Are you gonna help me or not! ."

ME: "I don't have the yellow pages, sir. I'm sorry."

MAN: "No, you're not sorry! You won't even help me!"

ME: "I just offered for you to use my personal computer. What else can I do?"

MAN: "Screw you." (He walks off in a huff, and the office is hysterical on the other end of the phone.)



Anonymous said...

youre back in the country?! Yay! -norky

voip services said...

I love San Francisco very much.