Thursday, December 22, 2005

Flesh-colored yoga mats

This should be invented, and I'll tell you why.

So last weekend, I'm on my way to the gym when suddenly, traffic on Sunset comes to a complete halt. "WTF," I say to myself. Others around me were motioning the same thing. Then out came the police, in droves ... re-directing us. I sat for about twenty minutes without moving, realizing that Sunset was -completely- blocked off east of La Brea. So I scurry through some neighborhoods, park it about a mile away. And start my trek to the Hollywood Y. Mind you ... it is the weekend before Christmas. One of the biggest shopping days of the year. So I am completely shocked and intrigued with what had the power and money to pull off a Sunset closure ... since it is one of the main arteries.

As I reach the corner of Sunset and Schrader ... I notice that there are dozens of men in black suits, with ear buds, and the letters "CCHR" posted everywhere. "What movie is that?" ... I, of course, immediately think that there is either some sort of film premiere, or something shooting. But since there is no theatre around, I decide to investigate. So, I peak behind the fence .. which isn't hard to do since it's in the middle of a public thoroughfare.

Lo and behold .. there is a GIANT, black stage set-up length-wise across Sunset. People dressed only in black .... everywhere. Press up in genies. And a logo prominently placed at the apex of the stage .... a large, silver fist.

Citizens commission on Human Rights. I immediately get it ... which makes sense as their building is right there, the same building I've been wanting to invade for some time now. Particularly as the "Psychiatry: An industry of death" museum admittedly intrigues me. (Though I've been a little scared to go at it alone. Just yet.)

I head into yoga ... of course late. Then on the way out, I decide to check out the action that has now started. I make my way back into the festivities, snap one photo on my cell phone, than am quickly escorted out. Which goes to say, had I not been carrying a bright, ORANGE yoga mat that was impossible to disguise, I think I could've lasted a bit longer. I was wearing black yoga pants and a black tank. Which seemed to be the preferred attire. If only my yoga mat weren't so friggin' bright, I could've made scientology headlines!!

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