Sunday, January 01, 2006

Worst Christmas Gift Ever

I'm sure someone could top this, but I still had to post this. My brother gave me a large box at Thanksgiving marked "To Kim and Dave From Charles and Jacqui" and I immediately thought "how sweet! Our first couples gift from my brother and his wife." I thought that it could possibly be a frying pan or a dvd player. You know, something to start our home out with. The box was mildly heavy and held much promise. So, on the 23rd we decided to open one gift and it had to be the one we held onto the longest. So with great anticipation I opened the box. At first, I thought maybe it was simply the box that they used to wrap our real gift, but no this was it. A "Scenic Motion Picture." Not only is it tacky, the thing doesn't even work. It lights up, but the water doesn't have motion like it is supposed to. And worse (which i wish I could audioblog) it has a volume dial which is supposed to be soothing traffic noise (as if I don't get that loud enough from the 101), but it's the weirdest almost rave music mixed with static soundtrack. And it seriously looks as if this was used and was either a store return or a regift! Thoroughly baffled!!! You know someone lucky is going to get this at the white elephant party next year.


Kim said...

Oh, to my bro's credit he did bring over another gift for me on xmas which was a super nice 80g hard drive. So he was super sweet and I love that he tries, but I just had to post this!!!

ninja rad said...

ok kim, you win. that beats my plastic oversized lips with attached nail polish doorbell doohickey. i wish i could explain it better - it's mighty funny but then i saw yrr post and *bam* you win :) i saw the 'store' they were peddling your exact picture in at the *muttering under breath* boise town center while visiting the parental unit in the 'ho and they had some spectacular motion/noise pieces of 'art.' about a dozen varieties, yours i'm sad to say, is one of the least spectacular ones i saw :( i almost bought one for myself, although it reminds me of the one with elephants my ex had and i don't need those memories :) kudos on a such a great regift tho!!!