Saturday, February 18, 2006

Screw the athletes, it's all about us

If it weren't for the legitimacy and hue of his comb-over, I could've sworn that the interview in which Bob Costas verbally accosted poor little Lindsey Jacobellis was an episode of SNL. Shot right on set in front of a fake fire, with the writers coming up with 5000 ridiculous ways to say that she fell before the finish line, and the Bob Costas look-alike ridiculously pounding the same point home and home again: you fell, stupid snatch, and we the American people want you to cry.

Showboating, hot-dogging, not winning a silver but LOSING a gold ... my god. Why don't they just shoot the girl in the face then ask her to apologize for having been an inconvenience.

1 comment:

ninja rad said...

all i can say is that johnny weir was robbed :) lindsey blew it, she was showing off. but costas was being an asshat.