Thursday, February 23, 2006

Soda A-Wall

Okay, What is the deal with sodas these days? Has anyone else noticed how obnoxious they've gotten? Black-Cherry-Vanilla-Cola-Orange-with-a-lemon-lime-twist? It's all just fat and sugar anyhow, but still. Can't they just stick to a few basic genres. Like back in the good ole' Shasta days??

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ninja rad said...

okay, i'm with you, really i am. but, have you tasted it? i don't drink diet soda. the fake sugar taste really does not agree with my taste buds. but you mix it with the fake cherry flavor and a little vanilla, it's a taste explosion in yrr mouth, really. it's quite phenomenal. i'm addicted. diet black cherry and vanilla coke is the new blow - you heard it here first :)