Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My New Motto

My friend Sarah, quoting some white rapper, left me with this: When Life Gives You Lemonade, You Paint That Shit Gold. I couldn't say it better myself.

I still haven't had time to write about S. Africa, but I will definitely do so in the next few days. As I write, some students are watching a grainy, VHS copy of the super bowl in the union, while others try to cram for the global studies quiz. I had another seemingly odd maternal moment last night when one of my girls, Robyn, had me dress her for a toga party with her sea (each hall on the ship is cleverly assigned a sea name). I stood there in my AV Booth with a safety pin in my mouth, and had a flashback to all of those times my mom pinned prom corsages on my array of horrific dresses. I say many, because I somehow managed to go to five proms and formals. Ironic in hindsight, I know.

I'm listening to the map channel on my cabin TV, otherwise known as Channel 1. We just went from Richard Marx to Toni Basil. We're cruising at 19.7 knots, at 29' S, 39' E. Can someone please explain to me why Ralph Nader joined the presidential race?



Stephanie said...

I don't know why Nader joined the race, but I will be really angry if he hurts the Democratic party's chance to win like he did in 2000.

Arianna said...

oh! You're killing me! Going my route on SAS... now I'm not so unique I guess. :-) Tip for Mauritius, eat the Kabobs! they are delicious!
mmwha! wish I could be there!


Aunt Party said...

Nader joined to fuck it up! He's really a republican deep down maybe. I've already heard rumblings of liberal minded peeps wanted to vote for him.

Rachael said...

I hate Nader....not his ideals...just him and his egotistical, self-loving antics.