Saturday, February 02, 2008

South of the Border

I'm not talking about the giant theme park rest stop at the South and North Carolina border -- which incidentally has a fireworks store the size of a costco -- I'm talking about the giant border to end all borders. The EQUATOR!! We just passed it about 20 minutes ago.

The ship blew its horn as we all waited on the decks to pass it -- which is very exciting for me considering this is my first time in all of my travels to go below it. I took a quick video and some photos to commemorate the moment. However, when I ran back into my office, about 10 minutes later, I discovered that the ship is just a tad off from the Department of State GPS system. So, i got to celebrate the crossing two different times, though the highlight is still a girl complaining on the deck that she couldn't see it.

When Britta and I were running around Ft. Lauderdale a few weeks ago looking for supplies, this scruffy security guard gave us directions, that a half hour later amounted to him saying "you're going to go north to go south." The Equator feels something kinda like that. North. South. Whatever. Now I just have to convince myself to not throw my external hard drive into the water that decided to crash. If only there were floating souvenir stands. I'd buy an equator thimble for sure.


ninja rad said...

i'm jealous of missing the girl who claimed not to be able to see the equator, i love retards. not as much as i adore you, tho. your smile says it all, you inspire me and to think, we've made it this far, and it's only the beginning. i miss you, come visit in nyc!!!

Gracie229 said...

Please please please tell me you sat there patiently with her, pointing to a line in the distance that she just couldn't ever quite see??????

Stephanie said...

What?! You mean there really isn't a big black line that magically floats on top of the water?! What a let down! Just like the time Cori discovered that Tahoe is near Lake Tahoe.