Friday, February 01, 2008

Springing Forward ...

The curious thing about traveling Eastward around the planet is working against the timetable. To put it more simply, we are constantly losing an hour. Since we are in maritime while at sea, a decision is actually made, not by be, when we will lose them -- which just goes to show how manmade time really is. As long as we arrive in a port on their timezone, our clock at sea is arguably irrelevant.

I am sitting in my AV Booth right now, where the US Department of Commerce has recently placed a GPS machine. As I write we are at 3 52' degrees north. Almost to the equator!!! Over 400 students are trying to add/drop classes (which is over half of them), so campus has been quite chaotic. Many of them did not order their textbooks ahead of time, so there is also a shortage of books, which caused many of them to sleep outside the textbook store. Which might sound crazy until you hear that a hundred of them slept in front of the registrar's office two nights ago. Mattresses and all until the captain made them go to bed.

We are having a weekend day tomorrow, which I am very excited about. No classes, which leaves plenty of time for my paint by number and to hopefully catch up on blogging.

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