Monday, June 23, 2008

Bean, Cheese & Rice Burrito

I quite literally had a dream about Chano's last night. It also involved me working at a car rental agency and that big Burbank house that Erin, Kate and Kim once lived in. I don't find that embarrassing, but speaking of. I usually have at least one incident a day that makes me look like an ass.

At the end of the spring voyage, people dropped off all of their discarded goods and supplies to the grotto. Word had spread that I never locked my door, so by the end it was filled to the brim like a food bank with everything from honey packets to snorkel gear. I wanted to make sure that nothing was thrown away nor wasted, so I passed most of it along to the crew members on the ship. I did, however, pilfer and grab some beauty supplies. One of which was a small bottle of Redken hair repair, which I've been using over this past week. Per the instructions, I lather a smidge through my fading green hair each night before I go to bed. I've figured that the aqueous texture was do the "extreme" element of repair, but the smell has been striking me as peculiar. So today, with the extreme sunshine in my cabin, I noticed in the light some faded written words on the back of the bottle. Someone had written "dishsoap" in sharpie. Oops. Sure that's good for getting out the green.

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Julie said...

I miss Chanos and I'm still in Cali.