Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missing the kids ...

Henry was a 6ft tall giraffe that Caitlin picked up in Africa. As our family pet, he often came to dinner and made appearances at game night -- where our family strategy was to show up in war paint in addition to carrying large wooden animals. We never won a single game, but at least we always looked good.

Thus I was shocked and honored to have a note from Henry on my door the first day of the NY event. Jillian, Nathan, and Caitlin planned a surprise visit. I would imagine this is how most moms feel when their kids come home. Naturally, I wanted to look through pictures and talk about old times, even if it only ended weeks before. 

On our last week of the voyage as we crossed the pacific, we had family time each day at 1500 on deck 4 aft. We would lay on my massive green blanket called "the turf" while listening to an ipod on shuffle. Caitlin would read the economist. Jillian and Nathan would giggle while Little K would sit oblivious to all of her drooling boys and Joss and I would stare at photos of vases for hours on end. I never thought we'd finish that damn Photo Hunt book, but Joss finally found the missing piece of tool belt. It's going to be so weird to soon have another family. I hope this is the closest I ever come to feeling like a cheating parent.

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Anonymous said...

i miss you too. sadly, i havent touched an economist since. its just too sad not to be reading it under the sun on the turf.