Friday, June 13, 2008

Smack That

I hit downtown Halifax with some of my ISE friends last night -- Adam, Jason, and Britta (who consequently doesn't like it when I equate her name to the water filtration system). I figured, when in the 'fax, we should do as the locals do: drink cheep beer and bowl.

The parklane bowl was appropriately next to a Sears, and had poles covered in carpet with neon splashes, the kind that almost certainly once lined the floors of a roller rink. In addition to the 80s decor, the logistics were equally delightful. You had to keep your own score with pen and paper, and the mini version (called "duck bowling") with mini pins and mini balls was something more like skee ball. 

The neon was flashing from floor to ceiling as disco balls spun and painted slinkies lit up the alleyways . Handmade banners for a local dry cleaning service hung above lanes 13 and 14. But for all that the joint might have been missing in terms of digital enhancements, Larry the DJ made up for it with spunk. He may not have had many teeth, but he sure knew how to cut some rug and was the master of the pregnant pause. Now if we could just figure out why there were plaques with bronzed toilet equipment lining the walls of the bar?

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Ishai said...

Oh, how I wish I was there with you...