Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Ahoy!

I had no idea when I left last December that I'd be headed back to Europe this summer. Glad I bought a jacket in Chicago. I don't think I'd want to attempt dog sledding in a v-neck sweater. The cream cheese is gone. The peanut butter is back out. The bars are back to selling ginger ale and movies can only run at night as not to disrupt the academic schedule. Which all means -- summer is suddenly in full swing. Guess I should try to make some new friends before the newbies mistake me for a complete hermit. Having friends constantly come and go has been one of the most difficult challenges of this past year. Good thing I have that little thing called Europe to cheer me up.

We're headed to Norway. Someone said today that we are very near where the Titanic sank. Could be a rumor, who knows, but an interesting thought nonetheless. And speaking of rumors. There was this drunken woman who infiltrated the AV Booth during the New York event and came so close to spilling on the mixing board that I had to diplomatically request her removal. Turns out, she -might- not be who she says she is -- which is an i banker with a gold card. I thought her Ross attire looked suspiciously out of character. I will keep you all posted with the latest developments. My friends Adam and Britta are on it, "Hunter" style.

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