Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where the hell am I?

Thanks to the awesome map feature that Lauren and her team launched on our new website, you can actually get an answer to that question in pseudo real time. We had our first talent show of the voyage tonight. No jugglers but an interesting take on our voyage theme song "Ubuntu" that curiously found a way to incorporate the lyric "cover your dicks," and a really great stand up comedy routine from a guy who talked a lot about being a fat kid.

The sun actually peeked out today and the water was smooth as glass. I couldn't help but think as I looked out how crazy it is that students (only 3, I think) have actually gone overboard. It makes since that it would happen at least once over the past 45 years, but to really look out into the vast wide open and imagine what it must be like to suddenly be in the center of the ocean. It takes something like 30 minutes for the ship to turn around. Can you imagine floating by yourself for that long? It's really quite something that none of them have drowned. I'm rambling. I should go to bed. It's just so hard when the sun is still shining at midnight.

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